Drunk Dial #12 - GENTLEMAN JESSE (7")

Drunk Dial #12 - GENTLEMAN JESSE (7")

Drunk Dial Records

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A: Where Time Stands Still
B: Return of the Mack (Mark Morrison cover)

 "This was a wild ride of a recording session," shares Jesse Smith, singer of Gentleman Jesse. "The three of us got together that afternoon, fueled by the creative energy of the moment, and decided to craft 'Where Time Stands Still.' As the day unfolded, we took a bold swing at the 90s New Jack banger 'Return of the Mack.' To set the tempo, we immersed ourselves in a chopped and screwed version, all while sipping on French Rosé." As the songs started to take shape, the trio cracked open some German lagers, and the creative process unfolded against the backdrop of pizza orders during overdubs. Vocals and Tip Top Old Fashioneds marked the final stretch of the recording journey, resulting in an eclectic blend of musical brilliance and inebriated spontaneity. Jesse recounts the experience, saying, "Things got pretty fuzzy after that. After about 12 hours, we decided that everything was as good as it was going to get, considering our state."


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