CLOWN SOUNDS - Born Under a Bad Sigh (LP)

CLOWN SOUNDS - Born Under a Bad Sigh (LP)

Recess Records

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Todd Congelliere - guitar, vocals
Jacob Galaxy - guitar, vocals
Isaac Thotz - bass, guitar, vocals
Chachi Ferrara - bass, vocals
Jimmy Felix - drums
Trevor Rounesville - drums

All songs recorded at Clown Sound / San Pedro
Mastered by Carl Saff

Production sounds big and loud, songwriting is catchy as always. This is killing! It’s got all of your vocal melody hooks, but adds more guitar riffy stuff than usual which gives it a good extra dimension. “Can’t Balance” and “Started Too Late” are both like a whole new kind of approach for you guys. The vocal melodies are so strong throughout, really no wasted space here at all. Stellar! –Blag Dahlia



01. Coloring Outside Those Lines
02. Stars’ll Wait
03. Broken Meteor
04. Class Fall
05. Can’t Balance at The Bottom
06. Eka Lika Lock
07. 58 to 97
08. Started Too Late
09. Sanity,l’m on The Line
10. Gotta Find A Way

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