NOUN - Slug: A Collection of Home Recordings (CASS)

State Champion Records

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A collection of home recordings by Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females. 

"Ever wanted to hear an album made by a person who has been asleep for 3000 years? Well here is your chance and it's called Slug. Here's to 3000 more years. Listen to it in the car, listen to it on a cell phone, listen to it with your dad if your dad is also miserable. It's bittersweet, ready to eat, and it's definitely not about eggs."

–Shanna Polley



01. Corpus Christi 
02. Drag 
03. Easy 
04. Sleepwalker 
05. Feed Myself To You 
06. Build Me A Lantern 
07. Dead Swan 
08. Far From Me 
09. I Fall To Pieces (Patsy Cline) 
10. Your Head 
11. That Ain't My World 
12. I'm Afraid of What I'll Do 
13. Fame and Famine 
14. Glass Diamond 
15. Sleeping 
16. She's Got You (Patsy Cline) 
17. Vicious Expert 
18. Wet Rag 
19. Patience 
20. Just How Angry I Am 
21. Shoot To Thrill (AC/DC) 
22. Tied To An Anchor


Product Highlights

• Limited to 100 Cassettes
• Hand-Silkscreened Cases
• Art by Maxwell Paternoster
• Layout by Marissa Paternoster



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