CONNOR RATLIFF & MIKEY ERG: The Spirit of Ratliff (Holiday LP)

CONNOR RATLIFF & MIKEY ERG: The Spirit of Ratliff (Holiday LP)

State Champion Records

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In 2015, Comedian, Connor Ratliff & Singer/Songwriter, Mikey Erg, wrote and recorded a batch of brand new, secular XMAS songs as the soundtrack to a bizarre YouTube Holiday Special spin-off from the public access version of The Chris Gethard Show.

Now, Ratliff and Erg are finally releasing these songs as a limited edition vinyl LP, pressed onto what they are calling “Secular Red” vinyl, featuring new sleeve art and liner notes by Ratliff and hand screen printed by State Champion Records. Paired with their follow-up collection of “Anti-Summer Anthems,” this LP creates, in Ratliff’s words, “the perfect secular XMAS gift. Even if you don’t own a turntable, it’s great to have it just as an art object. Give one to someone else and ask them to get one for you!”



A1. Have Yourself a Merry Secular XMAS
A2. 40 Years of XMAS
A3. XMAS is the Best
A4. No One Wants a Pizza on XMAS Day
A5. Endless Winter
A6. Snow & Ice & Ice & Snow
A7. XMAS is Over (Let's Keep the Lights Up 4 a While)
A8. No One Wants a Pizza on XMAS Day #2
A9. XMAS Next Year
B1. Summer is the Worst
B2. Clouds
B3. The Lotion
B4. All The Girls/Boys Hate Summer YEAH
B5. 4th of July: RESURGENCE
B6. I'm Hot
B7. Summer is Not XMAS

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• Secular Red Vinyl
• Includes Download
• Hand Silkscreened Jackets



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