FOXHALL STACKS - The Coming Collapse (LP)

FOXHALL STACKS - The Coming Collapse (LP)

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Formed in 2016, Foxhall Stacks is the newest Washington, D.C. supergroup. The members are Jim Spellman (Velocity Girl, The High-Back Chairs), Bill Barbot (Jawbox, Burning Airlines), Peter Moffett (Government Issue, Wool, Burning Airlines), and the man and legend, Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Government Issue, Dag Nasty, The Meatmen). Foxhall Stacks crank out tunes that are just as much pure power-pop stompers as they are fine examples of the city's brand of pedigreed post-punk.



01. The Reckoning
02. Turntable Exiles
03. Law Of Averages
04. Worried
05. The Old Me
06. Failure 
07. Take Control
08. Top Of The Pops
09. Do It Yesterday 
10. Rough Sailors


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