HARD-ONS - So I Could Have Them Destroyed (LP)

HARD-ONS - So I Could Have Them Destroyed (LP)

Wallride Records

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With eleven other studio albums under their belt, Australia's Hard-Ons have added another scorching hot slab to their monolithic discography, this time with the glorious return of founding member Keish back on lead vocals. Twelve inches of wax containing twelve new songs that demonstrate an absolute mastery of their craft, along with a level of intensity that will leave your head spinning and your heart throbbing. Combining elements of hardcore punk, thrash, sludge, and power pop, while never adhering to the restrictions of genre, So I Could Have Them Destroyed is a laser focused masterwork of heavy rock music that stands shoulder to shoulder with (perhaps surpassing?) juggernauts like Yummy, Too Far Gone, and Love Is a Battlefield of Wounded Hearts. Yes, it's that fucking good, and it's available in North America through Wallride Records. Good luck finding the will to take this one off the turntable once the melodies are seared onto your frontal lobe.



01. Made To Love You II
02. Bad Bad Temper To Match
03. Better By The Hour
04. Midnight
05. Oh.. You're Crushed?!
06. Not Just For A Day
07. A Whole Lotta Tooth
08. Float
09. This Is How We Roll
10. Do The Bunk
11. Harder And Harder 
12. It Seems That I've Spent Every Penny That I've Earned Today


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