CAYETANA - New Kind of Normal (CASS)

CAYETANA - New Kind of Normal (CASS)

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Cayetana is 
Allegra Anka: bass guitar / back-up vocals 
Augusta Koch: guitar / lead vocals 
Kelly Olsen: drums / back-up vocals 

Engineered and produced by Matt Schimelfenig 
at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia, PA. 

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe. 

Lyrics written by Augusta Koch  
except ‘World’ written by Allegra Anka 

Back up vocals on “Grumpys:” 
Marisa Dabice 
Candice Martello 
Adam Peditto 
Jess Flynn 

Organ on “Certain for Miles:” 
Miles Ziskind 

Cover photo by Jess Flynn, layout and design by Max Stern. 

Matt Schimelfenig, Mary Ferrigno, Max Feshbach, Catherine and Elizabeth Koch, Esther Rider, Danny Robinson, Cami Anka, Phil Battiato, Candice Martello, Danielle DuBois, Eric Osman, Jess Flynn, Adam Peditto, Allison Crutchfield, Siri Langone, Jeff Riddle, Kate Hiltz, Matt Scheuermann, Laura Jane Grace, Tyson Annicharico, Anika Pyle, Lauren Denitzio, Tom May, Greg Barnett, Brian McTear, John Vettese, Max Stern, Andy Clarke, Steph Godshall, Bobby Dodd, Steve Choi, Mike Park, Dan Ozzi, Heather Kozuba, Sarah “Mummo Thomo” Thompson, Perry Shall, Sarah Keen, Annabelle Buck, Kate Egan, Chrissy Tashjian, Mary Jo Kasenchak, Mimi Gallagher, Frank Abruzzo, Stevie Hopkins, Eloy Vugo. 

The Tasty, Tiny Engines, Poison City Records, PUP, Restorations, Monk’s Cafe, Milk and Honey Cafe, Miner Street Recordings, the lovely people at WXPN and The Key



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