BLACKDOTS - Everything Has Gotta Change (One-Sided 12")

BLACKDOTS - Everything Has Gotta Change (One-Sided 12")

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When a baby’s born, I can’t help but think about the parents. Are they ready? Do they know what they’re getting into? Is that kid sorta fucked or sorta blessed? Same goes with bands where you already know their genealogy before the needle hits the groove. April Froschheuser was/is in Vena Cava. John Brandow was in The Achievement: two so-honest-it-aches bands that I’ve spent weeks-worth of spins listening to over the years. BlackDots sounds like a wise democracy that’s figured out its infrastructure before putting up flashing signage. Three principle songwriters. Two principle singers—vacillating between Florida ex-pat Wade Henderson and John—topically ranging from teenage depression-cutting to “the journey vs. the top of the mountain” headspace of an isolated band playing in Denver. In the background, on the blacktop in the distance, I hear Rumbleseat, Tim Version, long drives to find sympathetic souls, and small, semi-hidden tattoos being way more meaningful than sleeves of brightly-colored ink. Like little black dots. Worth seeking out. -Todd Taylor, Razorcake



Side A. 
1. I'm Already Gone. 
2. Like Oceans. 
3. I Knew It! I'm Surrounded By Assholes. 
4. What's Up With This Getting Old Thing? 
5. Would You Say I Have A Plethora? 
6. Opa. 
7. Awkward Is My Middle Name! 
8. Sweep The Leg.

Side B. 


Product Highlights

• SLN-151. 285 single sided 12"s on translucent orange vinyl with white ink silk screened B sides. Download code included. Split release with La Escalera Records.

• Screened vinyl courtesy of Indie Rock Daydream. There could be slight variability between copies, but that just makes it extra cool.



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