YOUR PEST BAND - Smash Hits!! [2008-2011] (LP)

YOUR PEST BAND - Smash Hits!! [2008-2011] (LP)

Dead Broke Rekerds

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High-energy, lo-fi, Japanese garage punk rock that will kick the door down and drop yer’ jaw to the floor. Complete Singles collection on one 12" black vinyl LP. Includes both their 7” EP’s (Your Pest Vinyl EP & Ground Zero EP) as well as the split 7”s with The Miscasts, The Centerhits, Eine Kleine Chinmuzik, Holy Shit!, 3- way split w/ Defect Defect & Groaning Groove, 4-way Split 7” Vol. 3 (Dead Broke) & more! Split release w/ Snuffy Smiles Records (Japan).

400 Pressed on Black vinyl. Dead Broke version comes w/ multi-color Silk-screened covers by Cali Mucho! YES! (Comes w/ download code)


Your Pest Band- “Smash Hits!!” (2008-2011)



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