NEW JUNK CITY - Same Places (LP)

NEW JUNK CITY - Same Places (LP)

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On New Junk City's sophomore full length, "Same Places," the Atlanta-based quartet explore through this idea of trying to stay young at heart while your body grows older and older. Building upon the foundation the band laid on their debut LP (2014's Self-Titled Effort), "Same Places" continues the bands trend of high-energy, high-intensity melodic folk-inspired and pop-influenced style of punk, while also dipping the bands metaphorical toes into some new realms. Often compared to the likes of the Menzingers, early-era Get up Kids and The Gaslight Anthem, New Junk City layers a combination of both brash and noodling guitars over a driving and pounding rhythm section, combined with graveled-but-oddly-melodic vocals with a certain fervor and passion not often captured on record. And while the band’s music and sound certainly are one of their biggest selling points, on "Same Places" singer John Vournakis belts out nine heart-on-the-sleeve songs and stories dealing with the fear of loss, fear of being alone, and fear of being stuck, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. From the squealing feedback that opens the record, all the way through its abrupt ending, "Same Places" takes the listener through a journey of growing older, while still trying to remember who you are.



01. Useless Friends
02. High in the Morning
03. Half Life
04. Stay Asleep
05. Losing Side
06. Come Tomorrow
07. Coffee Mug
08. In Our Blood
09. Nothing Waiting


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