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What the heck is a LENGUAS LARGAS? Some say it means “Heavy Halibut” and yet others will tell you it means “Tall Tongue”. If you were to ask newsman Ron Burgundy he might say it means “Whale Penis.” In reality it’s probably something much cooler and less disgusting than all that. After listening to the record I think LENGUAS LARGAS means “Bitchen Dudes Made A Killer Record For People To Listen To With Headphones On While Smoking Salvia (Hannah Montana drug).” The last time I saw Isaac (vocals / guitar) he was wearing a shiny red blouse at a TOYS THAT KILL gig in Arizona. A bunch of beer and smoking went down before we inevitable found ourselves saying good-bye in the parking lot. After Isaac and I professed our love to each other he dropped to his knees and told me to use him as a step to get in the van. I tried to tell him that I weighed over 250 pounds and if I didn’t break his back I would ruin his red blouse, surly. He jumped up, punched me right in the nuts, and yelled, “Don’t call me Shirley!” before running off into the night.

Lenguas Largas are from Tucson, AZ. Featuring members of Swing Ding Amigos, the Blacks, Shark Pants, Treepeople, Digital Leather, Sexy so you know they aren’t messing around. This is the 1st and easily the best full length to date from these dudes and they will prove it by touring the hell out of it. What more can I say? Radical vocals, awesome song writing, incredible recording, oh, and because some of the song titles are in Spanish your ipod takes on the voice of a Mexican man when pronouncing the tracks … So you got that going for you.





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