BARRICADE - Apocalypse Joyride (12" EP)

BARRICADE - Apocalypse Joyride (12" EP)

Dirt Cult Records

  • $20.00

A punk band.Total-fuckin’-Texas-style Motörchargin’ annihilation! Relentless and searing. Armadillos on angel dust circlepitting their way to roadkill hell! Four songs on the A side that offer zero chance to take a breath. If the drumming isn’t dragging you by the collar of your shirt, the guitar leads are kicking you in the ribs, or the vocals are grabbing you by the ears and blasting exhaust-breath into your face like the tail pipe of a southbound I-35 semi. Let’s just call the B side our little secret which you gotta pick up the record to get in on. Worth every penny. –Daryl (Razorcake)


1. Speed Lust
2. Looking to Score
3. Just One Taste
4. Apocalypse Joyride



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