CASSETTE - Self-Titled (CD)

CASSETTE - Self-Titled (CD)

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Cassette is Samantha Jones. Though the live and recorded manifestations of Cassette may take on many forms--sometimes alone and unguarded with just acoustic guitar and voice, while at other times backed by a rotating band of friends--the songs and the warm, compassionate, inviting feelings projected from them are wholly Samantha.

Known by many from her days with bands like Rumbleseat, Bitchin', and Crustaceans, Samantha's work in Cassette is a departure from her past. All defenses have been lowered, and we are welcomed into the heart of Samantha's experience- told in a frank, honest, and organic voice. The themes vary on the album from songs that express heartbreak in terms that even the most heartbroken can relate to, to skillfully woven narratives that make listeners feel as though the singer is giving heartfelt advice directly to them. The tracks reflect a spectrum of musical influence from the country twang of "Spring's Gone" to the jazzy lilt of "Thirst Like Water." With this self titled release, Cassette has produced a record in the vein of David Grubbs, Will Oldham, and Lucinda Williams.

On this particular manifestation, Cassette is Samantha on guitar and vocals, backed by Stirling Krusing (piano), Gabriel Galvin (drums & percussion), and Matt Radick (bass and cello), all resident musicians of Gainesville, Florida. The arrangements on the album are beautiful and complimentary. No single instrument struggles for attention, which allows the focus to fall on the songs, and Samantha's literate, insightful lyrics. Samantha has a voice that's hard to encapsulate with words. Her talent is timeless and comparable to classic singers like Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, or Emmylou Harris. She sings so good it'll make your heart ache.

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