ROBOT (RE)PAIR - End Transmission (LP)

ROBOT (RE)PAIR - End Transmission (LP)

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Debut LP from Tempe Arizona’s ROBOT (RE)PAIR. Matt Dobbins from Rumspringer and Yami Langi from Parkway Wretch coming together (along with a little help from Brad Dwyer and Harry Jerkface) to bust out 12 original tracks and one 50 Million cover. It’s a little sci-fi, a lotta southwest poppy punk, and definitely some of them hurtful, fist-in-the-air, anthems.



01. Entering the Heliosphere // Serotonin Syndrome 
02. DGMH
03. Poverty Bonds
04. Origin Story 
05. Bluffing Game 
06. Misanthroposcene
07. The Tourist 
08. Dust Is Off
09. Particles of a Particular Insignificance 
10. Do Androids Dream of Neglected Defeat 
11. Devastating the Extant 
12. Sonoran Death Rattle 
13. Weird World Redux


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