MEAT MARKET - Self-Titled (CD)

MEAT MARKET - Self-Titled (CD)

Recess Japan

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2017年春の来日を記念してMeat Marketの入手困難だった1stアルバムが数量限定復活!ウェブ通販用に少し確保しているだけなので、売り切れ次第補充なしとなります。お早めにどぞ!

1. Second Coming
2. The Barn
3. TNT
4. Scum 
5. Don't Surf
6. New Zealand
7. B+ E BBQ
8. Home Team
9. (Don't) Touch
10. Strange Bargains

This CD is limited Japan Tour Edition 2017

Recorded by Brian Hamilton at Sugar Mountain, Oakland, CA in 2012
Mastered by Andrew Oswald

Front Cover by Raphael Villet and Sean Vranizan



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