JOHN HAYS - Self-Titled (CASS)

JOHN HAYS - Self-Titled (CASS)

Starcleaner Records

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My pal Kevin's got a big fucking knife." These are the first words you here on the song "suffer together", a first glimpse into the new full length release from Kentucky legend John Hays. This song, as well as the others, is honest with a sad yet comical feel to it, sharing sentiments of surviving by sticking together through the worst of times. His interesting background is what offers so much depth in the lyrics that tell bits and pieces of his stories. Musician, stand up comic, tour manager, and cage fighter are just a few of his accolades. The release is available on cassette,
on iTunes and more starting July 14th. Hays will be on tour throughout July and will have cassettes at the shows. Want to catch a live show? check for tour dates and info. The simple but sweet songs by John Hays are highly recommended listening.



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