SUBSTITUTE - Eat Your Enemys (CASS)

SUBSTITUTE - Eat Your Enemys (CASS)

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Substitute does not play pop-punk. Substitute does not play indie-rock. Substitute is a New York City punk rock and roll band with an emphasis on threatening guitars, fast-driving rhythms, and memorable hooks. Guitarist and vocalist Paul Ridenour, previously a member of bands such as Big Eyes and Lilith Velkor, fronts this fearsome foursome with firey fury, setting clean melodies and powerful choruses against thickly distorted guitars in a way that is often compared to bands such as Wipers or Nirvana. But Substitute doesn’t stop at aping the greats—the band adds to the formula a ferocious pace and strong sense of urgency—as well as a slew of sweltering yet distinctly melodic guitar leads. No, Substitute is not Nirvana. Substitute is better than Nirvana.



01. Runaway
02. Condemned 
03. Anesthesia 
04. Pretend
05. Sour Ground 
06. Locked Groove
07. Backed Down
08. Melody Lee 


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