NERVOUS DOGS - Great Doors (7" EP)

NERVOUS DOGS - Great Doors (7" EP)

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Follow up release to the widely accepted self-released "Avenida Sevilla" (7"). Still features the original line-up of Patrick Quinney (Fiya / Holopaw) his twin brother Ryan (Fiya / Reactionary 3), and not- so-third-wheel Dave Drobach (Grabass Charlestons / Stressface). This time the trio bark and howl their way through five tracks, tackling issues such as mystery, wildfires, loss, and anticipation. Fans of the No Idea compilation LP #1 Reason to Move To Gainesville will be sure to recognize the track from this session. Recorded comfortably in Lenny Rutland's beachy St. Augustine home (Jammy Dodgers also recorded there). Download coupons included for the digitally curious.

It’s been noted that the Nervous Dogs do not actually cohabitate with canines. Judging from their lyrics we know that at least one of them cares for a cat, but as for sharing space with dogs we have no empirical evidence. Regardless of a name which some may see as a pose or as misleading, the Nervous Dogs’ lack of animal “ownership” in no way detracts from their street cred. If anything this refusal to
enter into stratified relations with our four-legged brethren suggests reverence and respect toward canine autonomy.

Factoid—this band kind of rules. I’m usually cautious making such claims, but in this case I have no qualms with such an assertion. My hypothesis formed back in ’06, during the authentic, pre-corporatized days of what has commonly come to be known as punk rock. A grassroots form of expression it was back then. But when Myspace came into
prominence after the collapse of Friendster and the waning pen-pal movement, it threatened to swallow up any sort of music daring to assert itself as truly independent. A few foolhardy bands thought they could make do without being umbilically attached to a USB cable, and of these, the Nervous Dogs were one.

In spite of their glaring lack of web-based representation, I decided to go to see the Nervous Dogs play at the Wacky Warehouse during the winter of '06. After a great show I bought a copy of the “Avenida Sevilla” 7” and spent some time talking to Patrick. (Patrick is one of two brothers—the other being Ryan—who along with Replay Dave make up this band. In all, these three have been involved with some great
bands including Grabass Charlestons, Fiya, Slang, Holopaw, Stressface, and Reactionary 3) The next day, I put on the record and was blown away. The songs were straightforward and didn’t seem bound to a certain time period, yet what really set them apart for me was the honesty and introspective nature of the songs. The “Avenida Sevilla”
record didn’t leave my turntable for weeks, claiming its spot
alongside the Future Virgins’ “Gravity” as my favorite releases of the year—incidentally, the connection between these two bands extends beyond their capacities for great music; they shared a tour together and a split-tape release on PRcubed.

Now that Bakery is involved with a Nervous Dogs project, Rich and I are very happy. The “Great Doors” ep has songs about child-sized vs. adult perspectives, time passing, and the cycles of nature—most of it within the context of our beloved state of Florida. Excellent songs by an excellent band which refuses to prove itself through the hierarchies of the internet or pet-ownership. Enjoy.




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