Old Growth/12XU "split"

V/A: OLD GROWTH / 12XU - Split (7" EP)

Bakery Outlet Records

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Old Growth gives 2 new songs splintering in either direction from their full length offerings. Luke sings the aggressive almost Yabra-like "Hey Young" with guitar representing both traditional and indie solos. "A Year in the Dirt" brings additional strings in the way of violin and vocal melody backed by female counterpart to form a perfected midpace pop number. Lyon France's 12XU shows that members of Daitro can write quite a different tune pointing to simplified well formed punk rock the way it was originally recognized some decades ago. 2 straight forward soulful numbers provide a great followup to their own 2 (7")s already in existence. One Rick Froberg was commissioned for cover illustration and lyrics come to you in tongues of English and French. Si! I mean Oui! This record also comes with download card for digital punks.



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