Sleeptalker "Dead Tubes"


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"Sleeptalker creates a broken speaker sound of hiss and reverberated noise that transcends into a cross between psychedelic garage pop and N.Y.C. hardcore. Various members of Science of Yabra, Old Growth, Organized Sports and Luxury Flats have now joined together forming a power cord pop trio from Portland, Oregon."

39 Forever? 39.9999999 and still holding? “New album Dead Tubes is riddled with the angst of adulthood, or what Clements calls "raging against comfortability." "I was going through this weird transition point in my life, with jobs and stuff, and it's mostly [about] working in a place you're dissatisfied with," he says. Songs blitz by in two minutes, racing against time, middle age, and the feeling that the world is moving on without you. "Seeing people do great things, and me not doing great things, puts things in perspective...We take the music really seriously, but not ourselves," Clements says. ” --Willamette Week



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