ROBES - Indecline (LP)

ROBES - Indecline (LP)

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RoBES is a four-piece rock act born in NYC. The band boasts some seasoned gentlemen with roots in 90’s D.I.Y. artistic expression. Guitar player and vocalist Drew DeMaio helped imprint Gainesville Florida onto the post-hardcore map as his musical endeavors crushed through audiences with performances in bands such as Gus, Strikeforce Diablo, Argentina, Asshole Parade and Floor. After his time in Floriduh had run its course, DeMaio, ultimately found himself desiring a move and decided to make a life for himself in New York City. Bassist and vocalist Dave Diem is a veteran of the same scene. He participated by rocking out with Twelve Hour Turn. Following the band’s end, Dave pursued a career as a school teacher. Diem, too, eventually relocated to NYC where he stayed close with Drew. Feeling they had strayed too far from their musical passions, the two began to collaborate, writing and sharing ideas often through e-mail.

Jeff Gensterblum hails from Michigan and has played the drums with much hard hitting enthusiasm for Small Brown Bike, Able Baker Fox, Unwed, States and Kingdoms, and Your Skull My Closet, to name a few. Jefferson knew Diem and DeMaio as No Idea label mates and tour partners. When he moved to Brooklyn, it wasn’t long before he hooked up with his old colleagues.

Vocalist and guitar player Peter Bartsocas, another Florida native, and now Brooklyn transplant, has destroyed with Pagan Girls, As Friends Rust, and Bird Of Ill Omen. Close friends with Drew, the two often talked of taking the stage together. Tired of composing songs on their computers, DeMaio and Diem decided it was time to again plug in and rock out live. Enlisting the talents of their old friends Bartsocas and Gensterblum, the four began to collaborate and refine the tunes Dave and Drew had been developing. The full force of ROBES was finally realized.



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