OLD GROWTH - Self-Titled (LP)

OLD GROWTH - Self-Titled (LP)

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Old Growth write stripped-down, straightforward, sometimes tragic, songs of life, to which John Magnifico (Twelve Hour Turn) brings full chords from his guitar and rediscovers melody in his voice. John's lyrics parallel his songs - simple in form, but revealing an incredible depth of narrative that could easily be overlooked.Ý Old Growth's sound is something like Uncle Tupelo, or Wire's early rock'n'roll numbers. Luke's (Science of Yabra) bass drives in line with Ben's mid-tempo drumming and backing vocals which fill in the right spaces. Ben also adds a few of his own songs, singing up front while nodding to the Ramones or the Stooges. Old Growth plays punk rock'n'roll - taking theirs and others' past to make tradition fresh: "It was childhood living... I won't take it back, I won't erase." - Rich



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