VERDE - The Undeserved Current (CD)

VERDE - The Undeserved Current (CD)

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Verde is the musical project of Neptune Beach, Florida's Sean Mahan. Sean has been scattering his handprints all over underground music since the late '90s via paintings which have graced album covers by bands such as Floor, Planes Mistaken for Stars, and Twelve Hour Turn. What many people don't know about Sean is that he's equally talented in the aural arts as he is in the visual--and just as hard working and prolific.

Recorded at home on 8 track, Verde utilizes voice, keyboard and guitar, recycles drumbeats, culls the talent of friends, and takes funny built-in digital effects and miraculously de-cheeses them. The effect is a highly layered album that is not congested, with each sound conspiring to affect a subtle beauty. It's Verde's innnate sense of selection that pulls the disparate elements together while extracting the best out of each.

The Underserved Current is, as Sean puts it, "a surf inspired, fun, indie rock album for both getting stoked and taking it easy." It is an inspiring, relentlessly personal pop record that we are honored to be a part of. Enjoy.

For those who appreciate bands such as Galaxy 500, Guided by Voices, or the Magnetic Fields.
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