ADAM REID & THE IN-BETWEENS - The Numbers Keep Repeating (CASS)

ADAM REID & THE IN-BETWEENS - The Numbers Keep Repeating (CASS)

Snappy Little Numbers

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Hailing from Easthampton, MA, Adam Reid & The In-Betweens have been active since 2009. The In-Betweens are part of a lively scene in Western Massachusetts that runs along the same corridor that has been home to such acts as Dinosaur Jr., Pixies, Sonic Youth and Orchid. That’s a lot of variety and variety is a key element to what Adam Reid does via the In-Betweens. What started as more of a folky singer-songwriter project for Reid has now turned into a proper band. Still leaning on folk elements while firmly rooted in indie rock, Reid is joined Nanny bandmate Hannah Mills, Cory Brown and Piper Preston. They also have frequent guests sit in on recordings and at shows to make the earnest and catchy songs sparkle. Adam Reid & The In-Betweens could serve as the soundtrack for Spring just as easily as it could for Fall. We think they’re a year ‘round listen, but that’s for each listener to decide!


01. Someday Soon We’ll All Be Gone
02. Alabama
03. Coastal Highways
04. Margins
05. The Numbers Keep Repeating
06. Broken Teeth
07. Familiar Patterns
08. Stolen Ground
09. Sleep In
10. Why Even Bother
11. 4 PM, Freezing

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