ASHTON THE TERRIBLE - We Can't Go on This Way (CASS)

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While not the first time around the block, for Ashton perhaps a new beginning... after spending a decade writing, recording and touring relentlessly with heavy rock band Tweak bird — sharing stages and studios with bands like the Melvins, Big Business, TOOL, Murder City Devils amongst others, Ashton settled in Topanga California to slow down and spend time in nature.

Ashton the Terrible is a new exploration influenced by classic country and honky tonk, while paying homage to psychedelic and classic rock, the sounds that shaped his youth. With loads of accompaniment from numerous skilled artists, the record emanates California country with drips of pure psychedelia. The forthcoming debut album ‘We Can’t Go On This Way’ is a devotional to finding yourself alone, finding yourself stoned and now and again… finding yourself happy.



01. Whisky Mountain
02. Just Can’t
03. Marijuana
04. Kindness
05. No Difference
06. She Was So
07. So Long
08. Highest Mountain
09. Up From a Dream
10.Uncle Sam


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