BAD YEAR - My Escape (One-Sided 12")

BAD YEAR - My Escape (One-Sided 12")

Snappy Little Numbers

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Denver’s friendly neighborhood pop-punk band formed in 2017 as a way for four buddies to make sure they hung out once in awhile. Making music is the side effect of these get togethers and that’s just fine with the Bad Year crew.  In 2016, Casey Yunko (vocals/guitar, formerly of The Nutsockets and Only Thunder) and Jack Fantastic (drums, formerly of My Pal Trigger and currently of Down By Law) were in the middle of a pretty bad year.  Bonding over personal strife and a mutual love of pop-punk (including Sicko of course), Casey and Jack set out to make 2017 a much better year by starting a rock combo.  Enlisting Chuck Coffey (bass/vocals, formerly of a million Denver band and currently of SPELLS) was the step that lead to the first few practices.  Amigo Sean Klassen was initially on guitar but moved to Portland, allowing for the key addition of Sara Belle (guitar/vocals, formerly of The Manxx) that let the band settle in to what Casey and Jack had envisioned form the start: Good times and good tunes.  The band released their first EP, “Tape” on cassette through Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio during the summer of 2017.  That release hinted at what the band could create and after playing extensively in 2018, the band wrapped that year with a fresh recording session.  That session yielded their latest release, the “My Escape” 12” once again issued through Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings.  “My Escape” sees the band fully realizing their vocal hooks and dueling guitars, all set to a foundation held together by a precise and pounding rhythm section.  2019 is turning into a banner year for Bad Year and spring hasn’t even sprung yet. -Deek Chooglin, Wind Bender Management



Side A. 
1. Less Is More 
2. Jefferson Friendship 
3. Here, Hold My Cake 
4. Big Sexy (A Tribute) 
5. Instructions Not Included 
6. Crate Digger

Side B. 


Product Highlights

Opaque White (single sided, screened B side/pink, green or yellow ink). Download code included.

• Screened vinyl courtesy of Indie Rock Daydream. There could be slight variability between copies, but that just makes it extra cool.



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