BASEMENT BENDERS - Shrapnel Songs (LP)

BASEMENT BENDERS - Shrapnel Songs (LP)

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Sophomore album from Chattanooga, TN punk region rock band featuring members of Future Virgins, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Hidden Spots, Jack Palance Band, Black Rainbow & more. Follow up to their Lydiad  LP in 2015 on No Idea, and the bands' best stuff to date. Scrappy yet melodically beautiful pop-punk, churning with honest anthems from DIY veteran punkers. Recorded by Jerri Queen & John Hoffman of Vacation.



01. In a Grove 
02. Teenage Mary 
03. Terminal Velocity
04. Snakes of Bensonhurst
05. That Day In the Back of the Parking Lot
06. Lil' Ruby 
07. Shrapnel
08. Watch Your Step
09. Gravedigger Jones 
10. I Do 
11. Out of Print
12. Circles


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