BLACK PAW - Self-Titled (7" EP)

BLACK PAW - Self-Titled (7" EP)

Night Animal Records

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4 song debut EP. Melodic punk of the poppy nature from Phoenix Arizona. Nature pop punk. The stuff that seems to say, damn, shit’s fucked up, but let’s not wallow too hard. Get up and go in a catchy way. Hopeful and unbeatable. When Rumspringer called it a day a few years back Wes was without an outlet. He played guitar in a short-lived band, New Colonies, who had one 7” and then broke up. He took New Colonies bass player Chris and drummer Nick and they put together Black Paw but unlike New Colonies, Wes was back on vocal duties playing and writing more of the broken heartful pop punk songs he is known for. For fans of: Jawbreaker, J Church, Ergs.

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  1. Bait
  2. Drive
  3. Mess
  4. Mistake


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