BRICHEROS - Live at Hensley (10" LP)

BRICHEROS - Live at Hensley (10" LP)

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Riko Suave (drums) met Pinche Mono (bass, vocals) in their native Peru in 1996 and they immediately began playing music together. Papi Chulo (guitar), Riko’s brother, was always hanging around and the two brothers eventually played in a different band together. Several years and bands went by, but all three of them never played in the same band at the same time. Finally, in 2017, they decided it was time to form a band together. They wanted to keep it simple and go back to the 3 chord-mostly downstroke-1/8 note punk rock they first fell in love with and formed Bricheros. Splitting their time between Peru, Colorado and California, the power trio issued their debut album, “Making Our Way To The USA”, in 2018. The band’s latest release, “Live At Hensley”, is a snapshot of the band in peak performance during a 2019 show at the legendary Bar Hensley in Lima, Peru. Mixed and mastered in 2020 for a 2021 release, “Live At Hensley” not only shows a great band in full control of their powers, it also showcases a band that is still ascending. Whatever they decide to do next, rest assured that it’s gonna be rad.


01. Comb Over (Live)
02. Narcoleptic (Live)
03. Thin-Skinned (Live)
04. Boonies (Live)
05. Bricheros Stomp (Live)
06. I’m Gonna Strangle You (Live)
07. Angst (Live)
08. Loudmouth (Live)
09. Caving (Live)
10. First Time (Live)
11. Bad Hombres (Live)


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