BUD BRONSON & THE GOOD TIMERS - Between the Outfield and Outer Space (LP)

BUD BRONSON & THE GOOD TIMERS - Between the Outfield and Outer Space (LP)

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On their sophomore full-length, Between the Outfield and Outer Space (BTOAOS), Bud Bronson & The Good Timers confronts the dawn of a morning they pretended would never come, examining their own foray into fantasy within a world that seems hell-bent on clinging to its own. Heavy? Yes. Bleak? Maybe. A downer? Hardly. While the band breaks into uncharted territory thematically — taking a harder look at long-championed BBGT tropes such as nostalgia, excess and willful ignorance — the music explodes with more urgency than ever. BTOAOS’ title track wastes little time broadcasting the album’s space-sized ambition, riding shimmering guitars into the outer reaches of the cosmos before “We Are The Champions (of the Basement)” lands squarely back on Earth, playing like the rec-room soundtrack to a Bruce Springsteen show after-party. Over the next 30+ minutes, BTOAOS seamlessly pays homage to the full spectrum of BBGT’s influences, from 1970s AOR and Rivers Cuomo fan-boy shredding to early-aughts high-school essentials like Bleed American and Tell All Your Friends. The result is a complete, compelling and fully individual work that satisfies the lofty standards set forth by none other than Patrick Stickles: “It should always be the dearest hope of the Artist that the Art they create could have been created by no one else.”



01. Between the Outfield and Outer Space
02. We Are the Champions (of the Basement)
03. Carmine's, the Day After (Life of Purpose, Pt. I)
04. End of Our Lives
05. Into the Infinite
06. Back to the Womb
07. Leave It Open
08. (Brave New) World Series
09. I. Parallel Universe
10. II. Runner's Up Requiem (Life of Purpose, Pt. II)
11. III. The Good Guys Fight On


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