CALVACADE - Sonic Euthanasia (LP)

CALVACADE - Sonic Euthanasia (LP)

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An eclectic Michigan quintet with backgrounds in punk, hardcore, black metal, and everything in between, Cavalcade crafts a sludgy stew of music that recalls everything from Fugazi to Melvins with a wicked sense of humor to offset the spacey darkness. This release, the band's fifth, includes a CD with the vinyl and features art by band bassist and noted punk artist Craig Horky. 



01. Soft Science
02. Aspirate on Aspirations 
03. Here and Now
04. Secret Seeds
05. Noose Tie
06. Freezing in Fire
07. Dead Idles
08. Tragedy's Sick Sense of Timing
09. Prospective Prospectors 
10. We Dig Our Own Graves
11. Lost Thoughts
12. Blackout Radius


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