CHILL PARENTS - At the Barricades (CASS)

CHILL PARENTS - At the Barricades (CASS)

State Champion Records

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Limited to 65 hand-stamped cassettes in hand-silkscreened cases.

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"Though the unrivaled fuckery of 2020 persists, as does the wildly untamable liberty of punk rock. The band’s new full length, At the Barricades, is the jewel in an already rad discography that sports the noisy punk sound collage that is 2018’s hail ACAB. Appropriately enough, the mimesis on display herein is both more aggressive and realized than what came before. Still intact is the band’s expert employment of a good sample, calling to mind the Crucifucks’ madcap antagonism and the scathingly sardonic Dead Kennedys. They’ve also long flaunted an affinity for the Recess Records sound that I’m a born mark for. Mining the freaky flagship bands of said label F.Y.P. and successor Toys That Kill, Chill Parents revel in a sneering variety of punk rock that doesn’t feel the need to inhabit one space for very long. In fact, they casually run the gamut from blitzing hardcore to rambunctiously sloppy pop-punk in the course of individual songs, eschewing a verse, chorus, verse structure in lieu of doing whatever the fuck they want." -Adam Yoe, No Echo



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