CHILTON - Little Birds (LP)

CHILTON - Little Birds (LP)

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CHILTON is coming straight from the heart center, stripped down high energy, combining the elements of rock, surf, punk, our higher selves and a touch of math where it makes sense. With the agenda to question all levels of information in order to be your own best authority, the music is our medium! CHILTON is a new band out of Brooklyn, NY started by Josh Carothers of cult thrash bands (IFARM / EARWORMS). When Earworms disbanded in 2017, Josh made a call to good buddy BILL Stevenson of the pioneer punk bands (BLACK FLAG / DESCENDENTS / ALL) and asked if he would join in on making some music as one of the guitarists, not the drummer. Bill said yes and the energy was in motion! After writing 15 demo tracks, then whittling them down to 8, Josh reached out to Neil Halpin (Earworms/The Shemps, Last Throes) and asked if he'd be into moving forward with this new project: a bit more 4 on the floor skate rock. Neil jumped in. Josh met Devin Hoff and knew he could get the rad out. Devin was able to record half the album with us before he was summoned to work out of town. Neil picked up the bass and finished what was left. Josh flew out to Colorado at the end of 2017 to record basic tracks with co-owner of the Blasting Room, Jason Livermore, and show Bill the songs. A year later, Josh flew back to Colorado to mix with Jason.



01. Solar Warden 
02. 369 
03. Can't Push the River
04. Dinobirds 
05. Does Not Play Well with Others
06. Backwash 
07. Rite Song 
08. Level None 
09. Thoth 


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