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When you decide it’s finally time to strip naked, scarf a fistful of peyote buttons, and drive an ‘82 Cadillac Cutlass deep into the desert in the middle of a lightning storm, BOTHERS second LP should probably be blaring on your tape deck while you daydream about communing with the coyotes or some s. Two tracks in, you can almost smell the ozone as the horizon explodes. Inherently primal, their second offering is nothing short of bespoke savagery - deeper, uglier, and stranger than their first outing. Imagine HÜSKER DÜ finally found something to be genuinely angry about, or if you ran the first couple TELEVISION records through a boardwalk funhouse meat grinder. If you’ve never punched yourself in the throat hard enough to make the room spin like your future swirling down the ster, this record will make you realize it’s time.



01. Black/Orange
02. Washed Out
03. Ain’t Nobody Like You
04. Long Shadows
05. No Town
06. Light/Sound/Gone
07. Bad Solutions
08. Hollowed Out
09. Black Teeth Sadness
10. Cold
11. Darker Eyes



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