THE RIDICULOUSES - This Is a Punk Band (7" EP)

THE RIDICULOUSES - This Is a Punk Band (7" EP)

Night Animal Records

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“This Is A Punk Band” is a snapshot of the early 2010’s  punk scene in Dayton, OH.  Featuring members of prominent punk and thrash bands in that city at that time, The Ridiculouses featured members of The Raging Nathans, Rad Company, Hookerspitwindex & DMA. The band played two shows in 2010 and recorded an 8 song demo which has now been immortalized on wax through Rad Girlfriend Records and Night Animal Records.. While short lived, the effect that the band had on the local music scene at the time makes this an extremely relevant and important release.  Most of the songs clock in less than one minute. Mixing thrash and pop-punk, surprisingly positive and humorous lyrics and a Ramones cover for good measure, The Ridiculouses leave their small yet important mark on the punk world with “This Is A Punk Band”.
For fans of: Grimple, Jellyroll Rockheads, Vivisick, Idol Punch


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