TELEPATHIC LINES - The Earliest Dawn (LP)

TELEPATHIC LINES - The Earliest Dawn (LP)

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The Earliest Dawn played by
Rich Diem, Jacob Hamilton
Dave Lowther, Lenny Rutland

Recorded 2019 at Goldentone, Gainesville Fl
Engineered by Rob McGregor
Mixed by Rob and Telepathic Lines
Mastered by Carl Saff

Alan Mills - Brass on “Please Be a Light”
Jeremy Rogers - Backing vocals on
“Get Away”, “The Hot Heat”,
“Spread Too Thin”, “Please Be a Light”,
“Dadgum”, “Screwballs”, “Distant Seconds”
Erin Tobey - Backing vocals on
“Island in the Sky”



01. “Sylvia Sails Away with 70 Men”
02. Get Away
03. The Hot Heat
04. Halfway Home
05. Spread Too Thin
06. Please Be A Light
07. Dadgum
08. Screwballs
09. Island in the Sky
10. Lost Cause
11. Summer Heaven
12. Distant Seconds


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