DARK/LIGHT - Dark Slash Light (7" EP)

DARK/LIGHT - Dark Slash Light (7" EP)

Dirt Cult Records

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Dark/Light (pronounced Dark Slash Light) return with their first new batch of songs since their 2017 debut LP “Kill Some Time” also released on Dirt Cult Records. 
Singer Candy and guitarist Justin met in the late nighties at a Dead and Gone/Black Fork show in the Bay Area, moved to Portland in 2000 and have been playing together ever since, first in The Triggers and then in Sleepwalkers R.I.P., the later which also features Dark/Light’s drummer Mary. This recording is the first to feature Colin of, well, to many bands to list here. Let’s just say if you’ve been paying even a little attention to the Portland punk scene of the last 15 years, you have no doubt at least heard – though you’ve probably loved – one of his past or current bands. 
Dark/Light plays dirty garage punk with post-punk vibes that’s dark, looming, pissed the fuck off, and howling at the moon like a maniac. Carrying the pillars of anti-social Portland punk, Dark/Light’s music feels like a celebration of rebellion against the gentrifying city that’s indistinguishable from the one the members cut their teeth on.


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