DARK/LIGHT - Kill Some Time (LP)

DARK/LIGHT - Kill Some Time (LP)

Dirt Cult Records

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Members of The Triggers (Dirtnaps Records), Sleepwalkers R.I.P., Coldbringer, and The Chemicals. Dark/Light plays bleak yet hopeful punk like only a Portland band can. For fans for Masshysteri, The Wipers, Television, Ex-Cult

Dark/Light put out their debut recording, a 4 song EP on Jonnycat records in March 2016, and began recording this full length that Summer. After it was recorded, bassist and old friend/partner in crime Tarika decided to hang up the axe and quit the band. The band continued on, adding newest member and Portland punk celebrity Collin Sanders (Speds, Observers, Defect Defect, Steel Chains, and about 1,000 other rad ragers). Collin fit seamlessly into the group, and added a whole new dimension with his bass style and energy. 



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