EXPLOSIVO! - If the Devil Had a Guitar (CD)

EXPLOSIVO! - If the Devil Had a Guitar (CD)

Dead Broke Rekerds

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Explosivo! was a melodic punk/indie/rock band from the depths of Long Island, N.Y. (Featuring guys who would go on to form such bands as: Small Arms Dealer, Iron Chic, Wax Phantom & more.) They can be described as “Piebald & Pantera hanging out at Guns ‘N Wankers house.” No shit. They released a CDep, “The Uh-Oh” E.P. on Rok Lok Records, and recorded a full-length CD titled, “If The Devil Had A Guitar”, at the Creep Records house before their inevitable break-up sometime around 2001? That album was never released and lost in the sands of time, circulating only through friends, mix-tapes, & bootlegged copies around the world… Until now. Dead Broke Rekerds & Limited Pressing proudly present, one of the best DIY punk albums to ever surface from Long Island. And now you will go deaf…

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