BASEMENT BENDERS - Self-Titled  (7" EP)

BASEMENT BENDERS - Self-Titled (7" EP)

Dead Broke Rekerds

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Chattanooga, TN. by way of Florida and California. Basement benders play a hybrid style of region rock, pop punk and power pop. Fresh off a short European tour and ready to drop their debut LP. Drunken Sailor Records and Dead Broke are siked to present the Benders debut EP. Featuring members of Future Virgins, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Hidden Spots, Dark Rides, Stun Guns, Sexy, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Tulsa, Black Rainbow and so many more. These songs have a soul, an optimism and each tell a story. A new band to fall in love with. We sure did. (Comes with download)


Basement Benders- S/T EP



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