OUTTA GAS - Self-Titled  (7" EP)

OUTTA GAS - Self-Titled (7" EP)

Dead Broke Rekerds

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Brooklyn indie pop-punk band featuring members of For Serious This Time, Giant Peach & Cattle Drums. "Outta Gas are a relatively new band on the NYC punk circuit but they've already become regulars in the scene. The band now has a follow up to their 2013 debut cassettee on the way, a self-titled (7") EP. 'Every Minute' follows the frenetic pace Outta Gas set with their debut, loaded with careening guitar lines laid over a heavy-thudding drumbeat. The song has singer Alex using his broken shout, and his mile-a-minute delivery is a perfect fit for the song's runaway energy. It makes the two-minute runtime blow by in a breeze."- (Brooklyn Vegan)

(Co-release w/ Life on an Island & All In Vinyl) 500 pressed on Black vinyl.


Outta Gas- S/T EP



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