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CAVES - Leaving (12” EP) One-Sided

Dead Broke Rekerds

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North American release of England's noisy pop-punk masters' latest 8-song 12". Bristol, UK punks CAVES' third album. Pressed on a 1-Sided 12" this time around, with a limited version of 100 copies on Pink vinyl with 2-Color Fade Screen-printed B-Side. Full color album jackets and inner sleeves, this one is a beaut. Brilliant, fast-paced, lo-fi, beautifully melodic pop-punk thats perfect in all the right places.

"Throughout the existence of Caves, there has been one constant tenet to which they have subscribed: DIY. The Bristol trio have spent the last 6 years touring the UK, Europe, and the East Coast USA, spreading their passionate punk to as many who want to hear... During those past 5 years, they've found a niche in the "edgier" pop-punk scene, evolving from lo-fi and in your face to less lo-fi and in your face. 'Leaving' is best described as an experiment for Caves, both in design and concept. However, what makes it truly impressive is its ability to retain and expand the sound catalyzed a record earlier, while maintaining an audacious vigor. " -InYourSpeakers

100 on Pink vinyl w/Screenprinted B-Side, 400 Black vinyl

Caves- “Leaving” 1-Sided 12”



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