despAIR JORDAN - Before Your Wings Gave Out (LP)

despAIR JORDAN - Before Your Wings Gave Out (LP)

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The band’s debut long player, “Before Your Wings Gave Out”, was originally issued by SLN in early 2021 in a digital-only format. Since that time, the band has picked up a slew of listeners and were able to start playing live as 2021 ended. With things moving forward in 2022, the demand for the album on vinyl needed to be addressed and SLN hopped back on board with DJ to make it happen. So, it’s our pleasure to present to the reader, again, “Before Your Wings Gave Out” by despAIR jordan. But wait! The band never stopped writing since it’s inception, so the LP comes with a brand-new bonus digital extended player. That’s the equivalent of dropping 15 in overtime for the win!



01. The Architect
02. Rhapsody In Black
03. Cathedral
04. Train Wrecks Of The Great Lakes
05. Prayers Could Never
06.The Artist

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