DIMBER - Always Up 2 U (LP)

DIMBER - Always Up 2 U (LP)

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Long awaited debut album from Los Angeles, California pop punkers, Dimber. Raging & melodic pop-punk that we’ve been craving! Self-described as “Upbeat music for downbeat people. Charged up rainbow sparkles, short and fast, spindles and shards of the Clueless soundtrack aimed against social control. Theme songs of desperation and hope in the modern age.”

For fans of: Future Virgins, RVIVR, Hole, Josie & The Pussycats and Alice Deejay.



01. If the Kids R the Future
02. U Better Believe It
03. Single Girl
04. Choice
05. James
06. 2 Dysphorically Possessed 2 Be Stressed
07. Tyler
08. Downage
09. Sisters of the Plain
10. Doseage
11. Epilogue
12. Better Off Alone


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