DRILLING FOR BLASTING - Fingers Are the Best Eyes (LP)

DRILLING FOR BLASTING - Fingers Are the Best Eyes (LP)

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It’s distressingly rare to listen to guitar rock without irony — rarer still when a harmonica is periodically involved. So you can imagine how it might take a room by surprise, to find themselves honestly pumping their legs in unison to a two-piece rock band that has more in common with The Who than the White Stripes. Every time you see Drilling for Blasting — and we really hope that you will — there’s that whisper in the back of the room, sometimes a yell, asking “What the fuck is this?” It’s … fun, and a little bit electric, kinda dirty and definitely driving rock and roll. It’s Douglas Ward on guitar and harmonica, Kammy Lee on drums and both trading vocals. It’s the reason you fell in love with music in the first place, and it’s such a relief to be reminded of that. We’ve put out a lot of records, and while we love every one, they’re not for everyone. This is. It comes out of punk rock, but it also comes out of the blues, and what you hear when you listen to it seems to be something like a Rorschach test — it blurs on the edges but always hits you in the gut. We know what it’s like to hear Drilling for Blasting for the first time, and there’s such a joy in it we’re almost jealous you get to now. One word from experience: when you catch yourself enthusiastically shouting out the praises of hickory, it’s okay to crack a smile.



01. Butter
02. Fake 
03. Slide Rule
04. Pumpkinseed (It's a Fish)
05. Hurray for  Hickory
06. Run Out
07. Earless Monkey Urn
08. Cast Iron Pot
09. Dignity
10. Lemon Cake


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