Drunk Dial #1 - GHOST RING (7")

Drunk Dial #1 - GHOST RING (7")

Drunk Dial Records

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Track List

1. Texas Storm

2. That's All For Everyone (Fleetwood Mac)


Post-recording interview with Ghost Ring

[DD]  Drunk Dial prohibits writing or rehearsing the cover before going into the studio, but did you prepare for the day of recording in any other way?
[GR]  A little liquid courage definitely helped. Also talked a little shit to myself, I've found that lowering the bar of expectations for myself makes whatever I do turn out fine haha. Is that bad? That's a joke. Kind of. But really all the rad people involved was inspiring in itself.

[DD]  Did you have any specific fears going into the studio?  What ended up being the most difficult part?
[GR]  It's always hard for me to open up my writing process around other people, especially in a more time sensitive and professional setting like this. Somehow that wound up being the easy part though. I definitely felt pressure to pick the right song to cover.

[DD]  Why did you choose to cover Fleetwood Mac’s "That's All For Everyone"?
[GR]  I actually almost went with Lonesome Town, but it just felt like I was singing the same version of a song that's been done before. I'd recently rediscovered That's All, and that popped up after playing around a bit. The harmonies and everything just really fell into place.

[DD]  Do you prefer playing music sober or buzzed?
[GR]  I mean I definitely get a lot more done sober. But as I said, I get pretty shy about really opening up in these kind of settings, so booze definitely helps that.

[DD]  What is the best cover song of all time?
[GR]  Ramblin' (Wo)man by Cat Power always gets me. Although I just recently found out that Shameless by Garth Brooks was originally written and recorded by Billy Joel (weird, but kind of makes sense). Does that count as a cover?

[DD]  It's closing time at a bar full of your friends, there's only time to play one more song on the jukebox.  What do you play?
[GR]  Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus (shout out to DJ UpAbove!)



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