Drunk Dial #3 - ESCARE (7")

Drunk Dial #3 - ESCARE (7")

Drunk Dial Records

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1. Electric Bolo

2. Mushroom (CAN)



Post-recording interview with Papi Fimbres of ESCARE

[DD]  Drunk Dial prohibits writing or rehearsing the cover before going into the studio, but did you prepare for the day of recording in any other way?
[PF]  We only attempted the cover song once before going into the studio. the only actual preparation we had was to open that third eye & capture a killer performance.

[DD]  Did you have any specific fears going into the studio?  What ended up being the most difficult part?
[PF]  Zero fears. in fact, it was going so well, we kept on recording & made up 12 songs on the spot!

[DD]  Why did you choose to cover 'Mushroom' by CAN
[PF]  Charlie & I have always been inspired by kraut-y music, ie, Faust, NEU!, Kraftwerk... so CAN was just another amazing band that we felt a connection to.

[DD]  Do you prefer playing music sober or buzzed?
[PF]  I much prefer playing music BUZZZED & high as fuck

[DD]  What is the best cover song of all time?
[PF]  The Happy Birthday song.

[DD]  It's closing time at a bar full of your friends, there's only time to play one more song on the jukebox.  What do you play?
[PF]  Al Green’s Love & Happiness. 



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