Drunk Dial #5 - CRY BABE (7")

Drunk Dial #5 - CRY BABE (7")

Drunk Dial Records

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1. A Romance of Many Dimensions

2. Violet (Hole)


Post-recording interview with Cry Babe

[DD] Drunk Dial prohibits writing or rehearsing the cover before going into the studio, but did you prepare for the day of recording in any other way?
[CB] Deciding what drugs to take, and procuring them, might have been the hardest part. and deciding which song to do as a cover.

[DD] Did you have any specific fears going into the studio? What ended up being the most difficult part?
[CB]  I was afraid I would get too high and not be able to play my instrument or be a person. i think the hardest part was figuring out how much drugs to take and also time management proved to be tricky. it was also pretty intimidating writing a song on the spot, sometimes we will agonize over a song for months so writing a song in three hours and recording it was scary to think about. 

[DD] Why did you choose to cover Hole’s “Violet”?
[CB]  Because hole is badass and iconic. they broke into the mainstream while staying true to punk.

[DD] Do you prefer playing music sober or buzzed?
[CB]  We normally practice sober but sometimes drink before shows.

[DD] What is the best cover song of all time.
[CB]  Anais- Someday, The Strokes covered by Julia Jacklin
Maddie- Drain You, Nirvana covered by Horse Feathers
Rose- Cut Your Bangs, Radiator Hospital covered by Girlpool 

[DD] It's closing time at a bar full of your friends, there's only time to play one more song on the jukebox. What do you play?
[CB] Sandstorm



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