DUST HEART - The Last Gasp + Plastic Walls (Stereo Lathe Cut 7")

DUST HEART - The Last Gasp + Plastic Walls (Stereo Lathe Cut 7")

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This rebirth of Dust Heart feels like reaching the light at the end of a long tunnel and these songs reveal a newfound urgency in Andy Thomas’ songwriting. Quite simply, they ROCK.   After years of a folky, almost alt-country approach, he’s pulled a hard left turn to catchy hooks, snarling riffs and big choruses. Don’t be alarmed, though – if die-hard fans are confused by the lack of pedal steel on the first go-round, they won’t even notice by the second listen when they’re singing along with their friends.   And that’s what it really comes down to. It’s not that the band has changed by getting better or tighter, or that Thomas has changed his songwriting approach, or even that he himself has changed. What Thomas wants to change now is his musical journey. He’s definitely been around, so why not give the unknown a shot?  Pressing Info: 50 hand numbered single sided stereo lathe cut 7"s on clear vinyl with stamped B sides.



01. The Last Gasp
02. Plastic Walls


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