END OF THE WORLD NEWS - Self-Titled (7" EP)

END OF THE WORLD NEWS - Self-Titled (7" EP)

Recess Records

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01. 1917 

02. Volodarsky, Chudnorsky, Bukharin 

03. Amenities 

04. Driven 

05. Mexico


Found some of these in storage!!!!

What happens when two Jewish, bookish, socialist punks get together in NYC? Naturally, they get to talking about books. Then about history. Then about Trotsky. Next, they decide to form a band. Arun (i FARM) was the one who brought up THE END OF THE WORLD NEWS, an odd book (partly) about Trotsky's (A Clockwork Orange) brief but legendary stay in the Bronx. AARON COMETBUS (Pinhead Gunpowder and of course, Cometbus zine) was the one to suggest putting that uncompleted musical to music. Jon and Jeremy were enlisted and the rest, truly, was history.



• Black and Clear Swirl Vinyl 

• 5 x 6 in. 16 Page Booklet

Recess #78



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